Thank you for stopping by and checking my website out.. I want to take a few more minutes of your time and introduce myself!

My name is Edith and I am the gal behind this photography business of mine. I am MADLY in love with my Sailor (husband) and my adorable two fur babies Jack and Max. I am all about family so I am that annoying family member that is always planning some type of event so we can all get together. My favorite foods are ENCHILADAS, tacos, pizza, in-n-out, anything chocolate and DONUTS. I am also a little obsess with traveling lol. I love to travel and thankfully I have been given the opportunity to visit some awesome countries. Such as Mexico, Japan, Italy, Spain, France, Ireland, Belgium, England and Germany! They were all amazing but I do have to say that Ireland and Japan have my heart.

Aside from my family, my favorite foods, and my favorite countries I am also
obsesses with photography. I love the power it gives me lol I love how I can capture those moments that are so important in our lives and provide the ability to pass on those memories to generations to come. 

It's Edith